JKA Funakoshi Online Festival

JKA HQ Information

TO All JKA members,

Today, 1st October, We, JKA HQ declare that FUNAKOSHI GICHIN ONLINE FESTIVAL will be held.

Please see our JKA Cannel on YOUTUBE.

→ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmA1UdAKQHseE76uYikYVuA?view_as=subscriber

“Kata” online championships:

The KATA you will perform is “TEKKI SHODAN” arranged specially for moving easily in small space. You can check the information including how to take video for participation from here.

We expect many JKA members will participate in this championship. If you have felt bitterly disappointed for losing chance to participate in past JKA World Cups, or if you willingly want to rival each other with JKA members in the world, or if you want to have good memory with your friends, this is the event for you! We are looking forward to your participation.

About the procedure for registration and entry fee, please inquire your sensei of the Dojo.




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